Join us in exploring the dynamic evolution of DevSecOps, a crucial force shaping the future of software development and security.

Our webinar, "DevSecOps in Action - Building a Resilient DevOps Culture", unveils the transformative journey towards a collaborative and resilient approach. Discover how integrating development, operations, and security seamlessly is not just a methodology but a cultural shift. We'll delve into the proactive and continuous model of DevSecOps, its future advancements, and the community-driven ethos ensuring a secure and adaptive digital landscape.

Webinar Agenda:


Transformative insights into integrating security seamlessly into DevOps practices.


Uncover the fundamental principles: continuous integration, delivery, and automation.


Explore why security is not just a component but a cornerstone in the DevOps lifecycle. 


Learn from the triumphs of organizations that have embraced and succeeded with DevSecOps. 


Actionable insights to empower you in building a DevOps culture that champions both speed and security.

Meet Our Experts

Our lineup of industry experts will guide you through this transformative webinar, sharing their expertise and real-world experiences:

Karthik Vijayakumar

Associate Director, Delivery

Arun Krishnan

Tech Lead - Cloud

Praveen Paul

DevOps Engineer

Who Should Attend?

IT Managers

DevOps Engineers

Security Professionals

Software Developers

Operations Teams

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CCS Technologies reserves the right to make changes to the agenda and speakers without prior notice.