Microsoft SharePoint Based Employee Collaboration Portal for a Leading Oil Refinery

About Client

A leading refinery in India, with more than 2500 employees and 100 departments needed a Corporate Intranet Portal for collaboration and content management. They needed this to share information among the employees. To achieve this, CCS deployed a Microsoft SharePoint Portal and customized it for them.

Business Requirement

The main objective was to streamline business processes, improve collaboration and increase productivity, by sharing information among employees. Process management and sharing of information were done via emails or paper documents. A large user base and over a hundred departments made this a herculean task. Document management and storage were the other major challenges. The company had to keep reams of information on paper. Since these documents needed to be retained as hard copies, large archives and filing systems were built over time, and information became very difficult to retrieve. In addition to this, the company had thousands of technical specifications, images and videos for its products and processes. They also wanted a platform to share employee details, articles and news content within the organization.

CCS Solution

CCS deployed a Corporate Intranet Portal on SharePoint with 176 separate sub-sites, representing all the departments, several groups, social networking, and a blog site for employees.

For managing content and collaboration sites, CCS developed custom web parts for the video gallery, image gallery, slide shows, press clippings, news rollup, flash announcements, messages, etc. for a rich user experience.

Custom application pages and content types were developed using Visual Studio, to cater to various functional areas and to integrate with other applications.

CCS implemented custom workflows for approval of photos and videos in the refinery, newsletter contribution, social interaction program (tours and related transportation), refinery visit, etc., using Visual Studio and SharePoint designer to automate complex business processes.

Corporate documents and records are stored in the document/records center from which employees can retrieve information without compromising on security.

The corporate news site allows company authorities to publish news and articles that can be read by all the employees.

Business Benefits

Better control over time and processes.

Custom workflows enabled stakeholders to be more productive. All employees received emails when they were assigned tasks. They were able to track the status of a particular process very quickly, and tasks were escalated to the next level, if needed, automatically.

Quick and easy document retrieval with an enterprise search feature.

Over 50% cost savings by reducing paper consumption. Saved on postage and transportation costs while sharing documents between locations.

Rich user experience with support for multi content formats including videos, images, slide shows, press clippings, etc. combined with custom ability to personalize individual pages.

Achieved better business governance as all documents and conversations are recorded and stored on the SharePoint intranet for future reference.