From Data to Decisions: A US-based Retailer Adopts Data Warehousing for Streamlined Reporting and Better Decision-Making

About Client

A prominent US-based retail company has successfully established itself online and through numerous physical shops nationwide. The company began as a stationery company and had since expanded its product offerings to include home decor and shoes.

Business Requirement

The retail company faced the following business challenges, prompting their search for a solution:

  • Tedious Report Generation: The team relied on SAP B1 for generating and analyzing reports, a process that proved to be time-consuming and cumbersome due to the need to sift through over 60 available reports to find the relevant data.

  • Lack of Report Consolidation: Multiple reports in SAP B1 served the same purpose, but the company lacked a consolidated view to easily access and analyze the relevant reports. They desired an improved user interface for their analysts.

CCS Solution

To address the retail company’s challenges CCS Technologies proposed the following solution:

  • Data Warehousing Solution: CCS Technologies developed a robust Data Warehousing solution tailored to customer’s target audience and market requirements.

  • Seamless Data Migration: Historical data from SAP B1 was migrated to SQL Server, utilizing a self-hosted Integration Runtime in Azure. This ensured a smooth transition while maintaining data integrity.

  • Incremental Data Load: CCS Technologies implemented an incremental data loading mechanism, allowing regular updates from SAP B1 to be efficiently transferred to the SQL Server. This process encompassed both the source and sink layers.

  • Enhanced Reporting Layer: A comprehensive reporting layer was built on top of the sink layer, incorporating business transformations. Utilizing Power BI, CCS Technologies crafted dynamic dashboards and visually appealing charts, providing the company analysts with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Ongoing Production Support: CCS Technologies continues to provide dedicated production support, promptly addressing any tickets raised by the customers’ team to ensure uninterrupted data access and optimal system performance.

Business Benefits

By implementing the data warehousing solution, the customer experienced the following business benefits:

  • Enhanced Data Visualization: The analysts gained access to Power BI’s wide range of data visualization options, enabling them to generate meaningful insights through intuitive and visually compelling dashboards.

  • Streamlined Reports:The previously overwhelming collection of 60+ reports were consolidated into 15 reports, providing the customer’s team with a consolidated view of the most relevant and real-time data. This optimized their decision-making process..

Technologies or Tools Used

  • SQL Server

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure VM

  • Azure Private Endpoints

  • Power BI