Cloud Migration – SAP B1 Workload Migration to AWS

About Client

Leading white goods and electronics distributor and retailer with multiple branches across South India.

Business Requirement

The client was required to upgrade their SAP B1 Application Server to latest versions for GST support.

They had an outdated virtualization software and faced compatibility issues with the latest OS.

And the due hardware refresh would mean a huge expense.

They lacked backup storage volume and often had connectivity issues.

Lack of secure backup solution and manual intervention for offsite backup copy.

There were license gaps in the current implementation.

They had no standby server which meant hardware outages would adversely affect their business and the Disaster Recovery process of the whole system could span days or weeks.

Lack of a stable ISP, redundant power supply and political events disrupted their working.

CCS Solution

CCS performed a gap-analysis of customer’s existing IT landscape and outlined the business priorities before recommending AWS Cloud.

Cloud environment was configured in accordance with SAP’s recommendations.

Right-sized and provisioned the optimal resources based on workloads.

Seamlessly upgraded and migrated SAP B1 application with minimum downtime.

The environment was configured to deliver superior performance and maximum value to the client by automating the runtime of the infra.

Proper Backup and retention of EC2 Instances and DB level backups.

Secured the application access using network security groups.

EC2 in Windows for Active Directory, SAP B1 and Citrix Xen App.

AWS Lambda for Automation of Backup movement to S3, AMI Backup, Instance scheduling.

Business Benefits

Faster access from branch offices.

Huge improvement in application performance.

All Microsoft licenses regularized after migration.

Zero investment for hardware and its maintenance.

Incorporated zero touch Backup and DR solution without additional charges.

Automated VM Start/Stop and saved 50% on the TCO.

Provided seamless user experience without any major downtime.

Made it possible for the client to easily scale up/scale down as per business needs.

Deploying new application features and upgrades are much faster.