About Client

The US-based client provides innovative learning solutions that schools and companies can subscribe to. They aim to cater to the learning requirements of children by providing an exemplar framework for use by schools, companies, nonprofits and more to center family learning and to structure a way to guide families and caregivers through the world.

Business Requirement

The client had an on-premises infrastructure.

They wanted a web app developed and deployed on the cloud.

The web app needed to be complaint with FERPA in terms of security.

They expected the web app to have low latency and be available across the USA.

The total cost of infra had to be reduced.

The web app needed to be scalable to accommodate future growth and security needs.

CCS Solution

CCS Team did an expert analysis of the client’s business requirements before recommending AWS.

The cloud infra was FERPA compliant, and the cost was contained as well.

Right-sized and provisioned the optimal resources based on workloads.

Effectively made use of open-source services to meet the client’s requirements.

EC2 Instances were considered for App and DB Servers.

Automation of the AMI backup and Instance level scheduling using AWS Lambda.

S3, CloudFront using OAI and WAF for secure and effective Static Content Delivery.

Secure Dynamic content delivery without caching using CloudFront.

Lambda@Edge was used to secure the Website using Security Headers.

ACM certificates to save SSL certificate cost and end-to-end encryption.

Monitored the cloud infrastructure using CloudWatch.

Application Load Balancer for securing Web API End Points in EC2.

Restricted the Application Load Balancer access only through CloudFront.

Business Benefits

Faster and secure access to the web app across all geo locations.

Zero investment in hardware and its maintenance.

Incorporated zero touch Backup and DR solution without additional charges.

Automated VM Start/Stop of DEV and UAT environment & saved 60% on the TCO.

Made it possible for the client to easily scale up/scale down as per business needs.

Infra is FERPA compliant.

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