Platform Development – Classified Advertisement Booking System

About Client

One of India’s leading media organizations that publish one of the World’s largest circulated copies (more than 2.5 million copies daily), in addition to 40 other publications, FM radio stations, strong online presence, and media channels.

Business Requirement

In order to post as classifieds advertisement in the newspaper, the advertiser (customer) would have to physically visit any one of the branch offices located across the country to submit their advertisement.

For the customer, this was inconvenient, time consuming and resulted in long queues at our Client’s premises.

At the Classifieds Advertisement Department, the staff noted down the advertisement details which was then entered into an application for advertisement composing and PDF generation.

To minimize wait times, our client had large team spread across their offices to collect and enter these advertisements into the system.

This resulted in high manpower costs and corresponding increase in software licenses etc.

CCS Solution

Keeping their target audience and market realities in mind, CCS Technologies developed an application to book classified advertisements for 3 different user groups:

Client’s Employees: For customers that preferred to visit the office in-person to book their advertisements, CCS developed a user-friendly application that would enable the employee to quickly and easily capture details which would then seamlessly integrate with their Ad composing application.

Partners/ Agents: The Client has hundreds of independent agents located around the country that can now accept advertisements from end customers from their respective region and book directly on the application, without visiting clients’ offices.

End Customer: Can now directly book their advertisements on a responsive & user-friendly website without visiting client’s office or connecting with an agent.

Other features include:

Support of local/ regional language

Integrated third party payment gateway and integration with email and SMS services

Fully responsive design

Seamless integration with backend ERP system

Business Benefits

Book ads from anywhere in the world which resulted in an increase in bookings.

Significantly reduced internal operating costs with less staff required to receive ad bookings.

Highly user-friendly interface appreciated by staff, agents and customers.

Around 10,000 direct customers which result in fewer commissions that need to be paid to agents.