Automating the Extraction of Quality Management Reports

About Client

The client is a well-established oleoresin extraction company and a renowned producer of value-added spices.

Business Requirement

The client set up a lab to conduct quality checks at various intervals and stages of the production process. The test results had to be stored in their ERP system against the corresponding batch or serial numbers of various products. Given that the test results are to be provided on demand to customers as reports, they wanted to do away with the manual inputting of results from the enterprise content management (ECM) software to their ERP. The client hence wanted an application that would digitally extract data from the ECM software and place it in a folder in a predefined format to be picked up by the ERP system.

CCS Solution

CCS helped the client automate the extraction of the Quality Management (QM) reports from the ECM software with an application built on .NET. The app uses an API to communicate with the ECM software and extract data. The extracted data will be moved to the target folder as a spreadsheet/CSV in specific formats, readable by the ERP system. The application will ensure that there is no duplication in the extraction of data. It will log the extraction process for review purposes and to spot exceptions.

Business Benefits

100% elimination of errors in updating the ERP.

Helped the client update a minimum of about 80-100 error-free reports per day.

The report data gets reflected in the ERP instantaneously and helps the client speed up the QM process by 2x.

Ability to provide authentic reports to customers.