Automating Sales Process & Subscription Renewals in SAP SD Module

About Client

The client is a South Asian media organization and an established publisher. They have had CCS as a trusted partner – technology vendor and digital solution provider – for over 3 decades now.

Business Requirement

Part 1: The client’s staff often subscribed to several publications like magazines, newspapers, etc. They were required to inform their respective departments/teams about their preferences and oftentimes had to recollect the list of discounted publications made available to them. Entries were manually produced in the SAP in response to these requests. The out-of-office staff also found it impossible to request their preferred publications given the unavailability of the SAP system.

Part 2: The client’s readers/end customers were sent email reminders about the expiry of their subscription; however, they had no option to renew these subscriptions online. They were required to manually place their subscription renewal requests to the client’s staff. This inconvenience could cost the client the loyalty of their customers.

CCS Solution

Part 1: CCS Engineers developed an interactive form using Adobe Experience Manager Forms. This PDF form covers publications, prices, and order frequencies which the staff had to fill out and save in a specific server location. Once this data was extracted by the client’s SAP system, the staff orders were duly processed without the need for any manual input. Automating the sales process meant that the staff could place orders with ease from remote locations.

Part 2: End customers were provided email reminders with the PDF forms about renewing their subscriptions. The Adobe form covered order details like scheme, rate, period, etc., and came with a QR code payment option. Once the filled-out form is sent back to the client, the SAP system will ensure the processing of their renewals.

Business Benefits

Automating the sales and renewal processes contributed to the client’s digital transformation initiatives.

Given that Adobe Forms read associated master and transaction data from the SAP system, the client was able to digitize the corresponding business processes.

The considerable elimination of manual data entry by the client’s staff, addressed the time-consuming methods pre-automation.

The client’s staff were no more restricted by their location or the availability of their SAP systems to place subscription orders. Empowered remote staff to place subscription orders without a dependency on their SAP systems.

The digital order renewal option encouraged end customers/readers to place instantaneous orders. This is turn drives customer satisfaction.

The form labels are simple and comprehensive enough for users with minimal/no user training.

Digitizing the sales and subscription renewal processes helped reduce costs.