Application Development – PWA to Digitize Advertisement Order Creation

About Client

The client is a well-known Indian media organization and the owner of multiple publications; their newspaper which has a daily circulation of 2.3 million.

Business Requirement

The client has over 30,000 agents across the country to distribute their newspaper and other publications. In addition to selling the newspaper, these agents collect advertisement requests and email them to the concerned office. While the email should ideally have all necessary information like payment information, advertisement details, and conditions, there are times when the agents miss out on sharing every detail. In such cases, the office staff contact them to collect the required information. This back-and-forth would often delay the closure and affect the business. Also, the office staff needs to collect and save the data in structured folders for further processing and archiving purposes. Since it is a manual process, there are often clerical errors. The client wanted a solution to digitize and streamline the process.

Digitally track the whole process from emailing requirements to inputting advertisement details into the ERP and archiving.

The solution should be easy to navigate for old-school and tech-savvy users.

Provide the solution in a regional language.

Should be able to save it part by part to avoid mistakes & delays.

The office staff should be able to review and allocate the advertisements for easy ERP entry.

Automate the archival process.

CCS Solution

CCS developed a Progressive Web Application (PWA), which has two modules. One module resides inside the closed network of the client and the second one in the public network. The module deployed within the closed network interacts with the ERP and the archival system, while the public network module collects all the information from the agents. Both these modules are seamlessly integrated without compromising security.

Business Benefits

Digitized the interaction between office staff and agents.

Agents can update required and accurate information in the application and avoid delays.

The digitized ad order creation app helps minimize data entry and manual errors.

Office staff saves time as they don’t have to call agents to collect more/missing information.

Faster advertisement scheduling as the app collects and presents the required information.

The automatic and systematic processing of the data and attached documents increases the accuracy.

The archival process is automated (The application generates the XML with the required information and copies the files to the designated folder from which the archival system picks up the data).