CCS Digitized Bill Sharing Platform (C-DBS)

Advertising is the primary source of revenue for most media organizations (print, electronic and online), including our client, one of India’s largest media organizations and publishers of one of the world’s largest circulated newspapers (2.5 million copies daily).

The advertising ecosystem comprises of three main entities – publisher, advertiser, and the advertising agency. Despite large-scale digitization, some interactions between these entities continued to remain manual, particularly concerning the exchange of billing data and evidence of an advertisement being published (known as voucher copy). The hard copy exchange of bills and copies caused several manual errors and delays, thus leading to inefficiencies and cost overruns.

The industry body INS (Indian Newspaper Society) encouraged several media houses and agencies to digitize their interactions to overcome these inefficiencies.

CCS Solution

CCS designed and developed a platform, that is highly scalable and extensible. The platform has built in intelligence to provide role-based access to different actors within an advertising agency and carry out their transactions such as viewing of bills, search facility and ability to download. Agents can view their outstanding bills and can make partial or full payment (online) against one or multiple bills. It also seamlessly integrates with the backend ERP system of the publishers and has the ability to integrate with other external systems such as Active Directory of both publishers and agencies.

This platform has been in use by a leading publisher and many of their key agencies and can be deployed for all other publishers and their agencies quite easily.

Business Benefits

Turnaround time reduced to 45%

Cost savings of up to 30% for both publishers and advertising agencies

24*7 access to the platform, instant generation of softcopies of published ad upon finance approval of bills, allowing agents to view/download immediately

Highly scalable and extensible - Platform has the ability to onboard multiple publishers and agencies and can be made available either as on-premise or Managed Hosting Model

Built using state-of-the-art technology stack, thus future-proofing it from technology advancements

Corporate Resource Booking Platform (CRBP)

While many new businesses have emerged based on shared economy and platform-based models, the underlying principles can also be extended to improve efficiencies for other organizations operating on traditional business models. Organizations often struggle to keep track of their assets/shared resources and make optimal use of the same, resulting in lot of inefficiencies and additional costs.

CCS Solution

To overcome this, CCS designed a highly configurable and scalable platform – CRBP, that can help organizations onboard all their shared resources and allow these resources to be utilized optimally across the organization. The platform offers following features:

Define shared resources within your organization (such as vehicles, conference rooms, projectors and so on)

Define characteristics of each shared resource

Ability to book resources online and workflow for approvals

Real time availability information

Ability to integrate with other enterprise systems

Multiple levels of reporting and intelligence – asset utilization based on historical data

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Yet to be built on azure & .net core stack, this platform is future proofed and can integrate with any technology stack being used by corporates.

CPOS – CCS Point of Sale (POS) Solution

In many small to medium enterprises, especially in retail and distribution segments, the activities at the Point of Sale are usually manual intensive, cumbersome and error prone, due to the absence of a proper application / IT system to handle order to cash processing. Despite having sophisticated ERP systems, lack of a proper Point of Sale application leads to several inefficiencies.

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CCS Solution

Our CPOS is a Windows based Point of Sales application, that can handle the entire sale process from order to cash processing. It is highly configurable, allowing users to define their price and discount structures. Designed intuitively with easy navigation and keyboard shortcuts, this application can operate in both offline and online modes – thus allowing both real time integration as well as scheduled synchronization of data with ERP systems. Our solution also allows replicating process flows and can scale up to accommodate multiple locations and warehouses.

In addition to making the process at Point of Sale very easy. fast, accurate and seamless, our solution also allows you to engage non-ERP users in the sale process, thus reducing overall costs by avoiding additional license costs.

CSOM – CCS Sale Order by Mobile

Retailers and distributors with sales team and/or agents distributed across several locations often find the Sale Order creation process quite manual and time consuming, due to lack of a suitable app or tool.

CCS Solution

Our mobile Sale Order app addresses this problem by providing an easy to use interface, that can also fetch customer data real time from existing ERP systems and has offline capability. The app allows users to apply various discounts and schemes and can also support multi company operations for large groups.

Built with Android Native, this solution can be customized for every organization’s needs and can help improve speed to market, while reducing overall costs.

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