Microsoft SharePoint-based Employee Portal for a Large Maldivian Digital Services Provider

About Client

The client is one of the largest telecommunications providers based in the Maldives, offering mobile, internet, TV connections, and other digital services across the country.

Business Requirement

The client had difficulty maintaining scanned documents, which consisted of service request applications for new mobile or internet connections and invoices, email filing, etc. They were partly using an in-house SharePoint Portal for Document Management and Collaboration and wanted a full-fledged intranet portal to cater to their growing business needs. Their priorities included business automation, content management and improving their collaboration, and Business Intelligence capabilities. They wanted a portal to streamline the flow of information and promote a paperless culture in the increasingly digital business environment.

Business Benefits

Helped the client streamline the flow of information.

Better control over time and processes.

Employees could evaluate pending tasks and avoid delays. Being aware of the task status and automatic task escalation to the next level helped employees gain more control.

The Exchange Integration helped store the email in a central repository in an organized manner.

The metadata-enabled automated uploading of scanned records sped the document tracking and identification, saving the paper storage cost.

The information-rich portal also helped employees share and exchange relevant information in a secure way.

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