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CCS Technologies is a trusted and growing organization in the Digital Acceleration space helping modern enterprises build efficiencies and transform through digital solutions. CCS offers in-depth expertise and diverse capabilities in delivering customized SAP services to leading organizations around the world. From driving the first ever SAP deployment in the Media Industry in Asia Pacific 20 years ago to supporting leading enterprises across industries today, our established SAP practice has successfully executed diverse projects.

What you can expect from the job:

As a Functional Consultant, you will report to the Senior Functional Consultant and take on assigned responsibilities. Your role requires teamwork and self-learning capabilities. As a Functional Consultant, you will contribute to the success of projects and collaborate with various teams. The following responsibilities will be assigned to you:

Manage SAP B1 implementation projects, delivery schedules, and estimated efforts.

Understand the business requirements of clients and prepare the specifications accordingly.

Coordinate with clients, project teams, and technical teams to ensure project completion.

Facilitate client support calls and provide assistance as needed.

Mentor junior functional consultants within the team.

What will help you do the job well:

In-depth knowledge of SAP B1 with a background in accounting and finance.

Minimum of three years of experience as an SAP B1 Functional Consultant.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Proficient in client management.

We would love it if you have:

Proficiency in configuring and customizing SAP B1 to meet specific business requirements.

Strong domain knowledge (e.g., manufacturing, retail, logistics).

Familiarity with regulatory and compliance requirements relevant to business operations.

Ability to work well within a team, self-learn, and motivate others.

You can succeed if:

You have a strong desire to learn and grow in the role.

You are open to feedback and receptive to constructive criticism.

You possess a positive attitude and a willingness to take on challenges.

You are detail-oriented and thorough, ensuring accuracy and precision in your work.

You have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Thank you for your interest with CCS. We hope you find a meaningful career!

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