Cloud Optimization – Migrating EC2 & S3 Resources Across AWS Regions

About Client

Client is one of the largest producers of spice oils and extracts in the world. They needed CCS to help them improve the performance of their applications and improve the security of the same.

Business Need

The client had Infor as their ERP system. They wanted to host the ERP on the cloud (AWS), but their existing vendor mismanaged the Infor ERP implementation and ran into sub-optimal deployment of the same. CCS was brought in to create a well architected AWS cloud infrastructure as per the standards recommended by Infor ERP, to optimize the cloud hosting cost, security and performance.

Requirement specifications: –

Legal aspects to retain old account without any modification.

Department/Practice wise billing using multiple AWS accounts.

Re-implementation of ERP landscape.

Restrict application access from known networks.

CCS Solution

Recommended resource migration and ERP modifications instead of rebuilding.

Migrated AWS Compute and S3 Storage Resources.

Implemented best practice for securing the application access.

Changed the EC2 Instance series to lower the monthly cost.

Right-sized and provisioned the optimal resources based on workloads.

Seamless migration across AWS Accounts within a short period.

Automated the MSSQL Backups to S3 Buckets using AWS IAM Roles.

Proper Backup and retention of EC2 Instances using AWS Lambda.

Secured the application access using EC2 Security Groups, NAT Gateway, Site to Site VPN and SSL VPN.

Business Benefits

Huge time savings by migrating the ERP landscape.

Huge improvement in application performance.

Considerable cost savings by reducing the ERP implementation time.

Capability to scale up and scale down in line with business needs.

Deploying new application features and upgrades became much faster.

Met the security requirements of the client.

Automated Backup and Cold DR solution without having to invest extra.

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